Nick Patterson

Nick Patterson

Nick Patterson is the Technical Director of Storm & Shelter, holds an MSc in Music Production and Engineering, and has 4 years commercial video production experience.

Creativity has always been at the forefront of Nick’s life. Being an avid musician with interests in photography and film, his passion for the creative industries drove him into studying a BSc (Hons) in Music Technology in Cardiff. Never content with just enjoying something for what it is, he desired to know the inner workings of the industry and to expand his technical knowledge of audio production. Unless you want to be lectured on the use of compressors and EQs, don’t stand near him when music is playing.

His studies continued at a Masters level, focusing his research on viral media marketing; particularly video-based content. This included research into the nature of online virality and the way users ingest online content, as well as producing, directing and editing video content first-hand. The research studied the way in which users interact with viral video – the results of which yielded information on the best ways to produce content which had the optimum viral impact.

Working freelance in video production after graduation, he began working with Gruff and Josh, with whom he later co-founded Storm & Shelter. For the past 2 years, Nick accrued invaluable experience both on and off set as producer and 1st AD on all S&S productions.

A natural people person, his strength lies in interpersonal communication, as well as providing the much needed link between cast, crew and director. Using project management and organisational skills, he ensures that projects run smoothly and cracks the whip on set, even when the shit hits the fan.

Imagine a really polite and well-mannered Malcolm Tucker. With a fringe.

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