How To Choose Your Glass

It’s true what they say, no one lens can do it all. It doesn’t matter how fast it is, how much zoom it has or how sharp it is. Think of it this way. Imagine you have a really good chilli con carne recipe. You love spicy food, and God-damn, this chilli is forged with… Read more »

IBC 2016 — The Good, The Bad & The 8K

In the process of flying back to the UK from Amsterdam and the subsequent week of shoots that followed, I’ve had some time to reflect on what this year’s IBC had to offer. Unlike BVE, where I spent a disproportionate amount of time drooling over the Alexa Mini, this time around I made a conscious… Read more »

Cooke Speed Panchros remade for the 21st Century? Shut up and take my money!

When combined, the words “Cooke” and “Vintage”are enough to get this DP’s tail wagging like a dog in a sausage factory. In recent years Cooke Speed Panchros were becoming something of legend; heard of but never really seen. Built in the 1920s, these iconic lenses are known worldwide for their beautiful, uncoated, soft look. Their… Read more »

Cinematography Tuesday – Time To Change Wales

Firstly, thanks to everyone who spent the time to check out this feature last time around (2 weeks ago). Your feedback has been noted and has encouraged me to continue, hence the second instalment. A few weeks ago we took on a project with mental health charity, Gofal, for their Time to Change Wales campaign…. Read more »

Welcome to the Big Leagues, Canon! Reaction to the C700

For years, Canon has been well known for it’s photography, broadcast and cinema lenses, even having some success with their Cinema EOS range, but has never really had a higher-end cinema camera. Until now. Yesterday, I was boring the chaps in the office with the news that Canon had developed a global shutter CMOS sensor…. Read more »

The Podcast – Episode 1 Having recently been bombarded with questions about setting up a video production company, we decided to just sit down and record a video podcast. In the first episode, we cover: The challenge of setting up a creative business Tips on how to approach clients Should you specialise in a certain aspect of video production?… Read more »

Cinematography Tuesday – Mustang

Welcome to what is the hopefully the first of many cinematography Tuesdays! I hope that by doing this weekly (or bi weekly, or however often I get the time to), I’ll be able to keep a knowledge bank of how I’ve tackled shoots in the past, which will with any luck be useful and informative… Read more »

Anamorphic to Anamorfake — How To Blag That Bokehlicious Filmic Look

For me, the Anamorphic ‘look’ has always been the true filmmaker’s calling card. Despite being born in a decade that saw anything analogue become superfluous, films shot with anamorphic lenses still managed to burrow their way into my subconscious, implanting their flarey, bokehlicious aesthetics into my nappy-stuffing toddler brain. Of course, at such a tender… Read more »

Can the a7S’ Cine 4 Profile compete with S-Log2?

“Noisy, but with wide dynamic range.” This is what’s typically heard when a discussion is started about the pros and cons of the a7S’ S-Log2. At Storm & Shelter, we love shooting in log colour profiles, whether it’s with our FS700 and Odyssey 7Q+, an Arri Amira or even a 5Dmk3. A wide gamma curve… Read more »

The Storm & Shelter Christmas List

Let’s face it, you never get everything on your Christmas list. Sometimes you don’t get any of it, especially if you come from a working class background and ask for a McLaren F1 every year from 7-years-old upwards (damn it, Dad), but maybe, just maybe, Christmas isn’t about financially jeopardising everyone close you. Maybe the… Read more »