The Podcast – Episode 1

Having recently been bombarded with questions about setting up a video production company, we decided to just sit down and record a video podcast. In the first episode, we cover:

  • The challenge of setting up a creative business
  • Tips on how to approach clients
  • Should you specialise in a certain aspect of video production?
  • Dealing with clients and putting in hard work!
  • Sony a7S, best camera ever?
  • What does Snapchat, Facebook Live etc mean for content producers?

Send in your questions to for us to tackle in the next episode.

Based in Cardiff, South Wales, we’re a video production company that takes care of all aspects of production, from ideas and storyboarding through to filming and post-production. If you’re in need of some sick* video content, email us or call us.

*Young-person-speak for 'great'.

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