Flux Promo

A well-known and popular nightlife event in Cardiff, Flux Cardiff is the destination for many student party-goers. We were asked to come along to a night and create a short promo video for their social media channels.

Taking a camera into a nightclub is always one of the most fear-inducing prospect. Tons of drunk people waving their arms around, most of the time with drinks in their hands, asking for a photo every two seconds. This is the life we chose. The life we lead.

Our mission was to get a good amount of coverage of the event, showcasing the fun and exciting atmosphere, as well as their impressive lighting, whilst delivering a good idea of the general vibe of a night at Flux. Lots of slow motion hands in the air, smiling, dancing and lasers. Yes, lasers. Who doesn’t love lasers?

Overlaying some of the footage in the edit produced a nice aesthetic that was something a little different to what we usually do, and then finished it off with a slightly faded but colourful grade.