From Gold

Novo Amor

We built a close relationship with Ali aka Novo Amor during the post-production stage of The Better Man. From Gold was originally written for The Better Man, so it seemed fitting for us to be involved in making the music video.

Working with a limited budget meant that we had to think on our feet in terms of the production. Josh and Ali packed the gear and travelled up to the Lake District, Cumbria to make full use of the stunning location. The video was to be filmed on the shoreline of Lake Derwent Water, just outside a small town called Keswick, a location that was handpicked by Josh, having spent a lot of his youth there. To get the shot that we wanted, it meant an early 4:00am start, but it paid off! The shot of the fog over the lake was a perfect establisher for the moody, yet beautiful tone of the song. The video builds to a climactic end, with Ali falling backwards into the lake, a shot that we had one chance to get, due to lack of wardrobe changes; luckily, he nailed it! Shot in only an hour in the short space of time before sunrise, we were very pleased with the final video and more importantly, so was Ali.