Barrowlands Rehearsals


GUN are a rock band from Glasgow that enjoyed massive commercial success in the early 90’s, and have toured with the likes of the Rolling Stones. Now, they are making a big comeback in the way of a new album and big tour plans. We were asked to journey up North to film the guys as they rehearsed for their upcoming shows, playing a combination of new and old songs to share on their social media channels.

The Barrowland Ballroom – more popularly known as Glasgow Barrowlands – is an iconic venue in Scotland, and the band were to play there in the coming months. We were to cover three songs over the course of the rehearsals, which would also be recorded live by their in-house engineer. We placed the band in a circle in the middle of the floor of the venue, and surrounded them with cameras, including our Sony FS700 and a fleet of Canons, comprising of the 5D, 7D, 60D and 550D. Yes, I can hear you all screaming now, “OH GOD THE COLOURS!”, and yes, it was quite the annoyance to get them all matching in the grade, but we got there in the end.

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The 60D and 7D were locked off on tripods, Nick with the 550D on the slider, Gruff on the 5D and Josh on the FS700. Full coverage of each song was required, and ensuring that each member had enough exposure was vital. Thankfully, due to it being a rehearsal situation, there wasn’t too much movement involved, which made everything a bit easier.

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Along with the live rehearsal footage, we also recorded a number of interviews with the band hosted by Catriona Shearer, a Scottish TV personality, for their social media campaign. The band have since played the Barrowlands and toured the UK, some of which we have documented to promote ticket sales for upcoming shows.