Half Measures

Falling With Style

“Did you say a wall of sparks?”

Yes. Yes we did. For Cardiff-based post-hardcore band Falling With Style, we thought we’d raise the bar and introduce some explosives into the mix. Why? It looks damn cool, that’s why.

Filmed in an old rubber factory in Pontypool (the same set as the Doctor Who Christmas Special that featured Kylie Minogue, Josh kept telling us), the performance section saw the band playing through the song in a huge empty space, climaxing in an impressive display of pyrotechnics.

This was our first time working with pyro, but luckily we had the help of Matt, our trained pyrotechnics expert from SR Productions. The waterfall was made up of ten small explosives that rain down sparks, though they only last around 30 seconds in total, meaning everything had to be perfect first time – Camera, band, lighting.. everything! No pressure. We filmed the entire end sequence with the sparks in super slow motion (200fps 2K raw into the Odyssey 7Q), this meant that we ended up with minutes of beautiful footage to play around with in the edit.

Here’s a look at the how it all went down on set of the performance section:


Then came the emotionally-charged narrative storyline that was to accompany the epic performance sequence. With the brilliant Lee Bane on-board for another starring lead role, we knew we’d get the performance needed.

A decision that once made sense has now become a haze of moral confusion. With a man or woman bound and gagged on the back seat, our protagonist is told to drive away until the negotiations are over. However, a change of heart amongst a misty, rural landscape leads our protagonist to set the hostage free. A conscious decision to do the right thing and face the consequences.

With the first scene set in an industrial car park, it mostly played out with our protagonist sitting inside the car awaiting the return of his masked colleagues. The weather was misty and pretty cold, though with a backdrop of Cardiff Bay, the weather only added to the dramatic mood of the scene. Although quite cold, it was our industrial sized flask full of coffee that kept us sane. We were then up the next morning at 5am to travel to our second location – some beautiful scenic roads at the base of the Brecon Beacons.

We don’t mind early morning starts, especially when it’s for a location as stunning as this.