Novo Amor

Having had an amazing online reaction from the last video that we made for him, we were honoured to have Novo Amor return and ask us to make him another for this next release with Brilliance Records, ‘Holland’.

5:00am on a Monday morning, we were on our way to Llantwit Major on the south coast of Wales. Armed with the Sony FS700, a barrage of lenses and a folk singer, we headed for the beach. The idea was a simple one in theory, Ali (Mr Amor) was to lay down in the path of some incoming waves while singing the lyrics, which were to be filmed in slow motion. Having already seen Ali fall into a freezing cold lake and emerge unscathed on a previous shoot, we were sure that he could cope with a few small waves.

Wrapped up in 5 layers and waterproofs, Josh started directing the drenched singer. When it got to the fifth take of miming the lyrics, the risk of Ali getting seriously ill was too much. He was attacked with warm towels and blankets, and the rest of the shoot involved Josh up to his knees in water, capturing some shots of the stunning crashing waves.