My Friend The Raptor

With Alan’s housemate Steve deciding to identify himself as a velociraptor, their friendship is tested as Alan’s patience nears extinction.

A collaboration by Storm & Shelter and James Button, starring Riley Madincea and…James Button?

Directed by: James Button & Josh Bennett
Written by: James Button
Producer: Gruff Vaughan
DOP: Lewis Jelley
Edited by: Josh Bennett
Music by: James Morris
Sound Design by: Rhys Young @ Hoot Studios
Supporting Cast: Sara Thomas & Ben Curd

Big thanks to Kin+Ilk in Pontcanna and Cathays Community Centre for their hospitality, and to their customers who pretended there wasn’t a naked green man interrupting their teas and coffees; to Josh Cotterill, Ad Jones, Nathan Jones for putting up with a film crew in the house (and cheekily, their bedrooms); to all our wonderful dino-people and their impeccable costumes.

No animals (or dinosaurs) were harmed in the making of this film.