Save Your Breath

Dora Nadine

The Anglesey Pop Punk/Hardcore quintet Dora Nadine came back for another round, and this time we went for a studio-based performance style video for their latest single ‘Save Your Breath’.

The video was to feature the band performing the song on a set where they would be surrounded by balloons, while in cutaway shots, two dancers perform a routine to the track. It was to be a simple and effective two-man shoot, with Josh on the FS700 and Nick on the 5D with the glidecam for those smooth wide angles. It’s always great to have a tv studio set to play around with, for one, it’s a lot warmer than shooting on a location, and there’s usually facilities for coffee.

Overall, a brilliant, fun shoot for us, although there was a shit-ton of glitter to clean up afterwards.