Spring Shoot

Horizon Bay

Horizon Bay’s streetwear is all about good, summery vibes. Before the launch of their spring/summer range, a photo shoot was organised with well-respected fashion photographer Jordan Green. We were asked to come along to get some behind the scenes content of Green doing his thing.

This shoot was a bit more unusual for us, as another camera was the centre of attention. Our job was to get some nice product shots and capture the general vibe of the shoot. We were blessed with gorgeous sunlight, so we hit the great outdoors (well, an outdoor car park, anyway). As well as featuring Jordan Green, we focused shots on the logos and labels (as well as the good-looking model!). We ensured that the piece would stand alone as an ad for the brand and the products, as opposed to solely being “hype content”.

The video served as part of Horizon Bay’s promotional social media campaign leading up to the launch of the collection, as well as after the launch when other promotions were offered.