The Archer

Open University

The confirmed first use of the longbow was in 633 AD, in a battle between the Welsh, led by Cadwallon ap Cadfan of Gwynedd, against the Northumbrians. 1382 years later, Jeremy makes them in his garden shed.

We joined forces with Sequence to produce a series of documentaries for the Open University. ‘Hafan’ is a brand new interactive campaign to help attract students and inspire sign-ups to Welsh based courses.

Hafan - Open University

Unlike other universities, Open University students study undergraduate courses from their homes; from anywhere, which means anyone can access courses. With a wide range of courses attracting over 100,000 students each year from over the world, a small section is formed around Wales. Wales’ unique culture, heritage, history and language are some of these course elements.

“Our aim was to create an interactive experience that was meaningful. One that showcased the course in a refreshing way. To achieve this we focused on the people and their stories to share a truth about Wales that users could connect with.”
James Bearne, Sequence