This Will Outlive You

Here Lies The Enemy

We were approached by South Wales melodic hardcore band Here Lies The Enemy to create a video for their new single. Having been quiet in terms of releases, their debut album in the making, they were keen to make a grand reappearance. Our mission: A beautifully scenic narrative video that explores the idea of overcoming one’s own limitations.

We decided to shoot in North Wales in a region of the Snowdonia National Park. We had scouted the area numerous times during other projects, so we knew exactly where we’d film to get a good mix of wide, mountainous open terrain, as well as tight and intricate forestry.

It was a long day of shooting, and a lot of ground to be covered. The area did offer a variety of scenes and locations, but they weren’t exactly close to one another. Lugging heavy gear around a mountainous region is not a fun activity, let me tell you.

This video also included our first fight scene! A bit of rough and tumble never hurt anyone. Both actors hadn’t had any previous choreography experience either, so it was a relatively new concept to all involved. (Although we’d all seen Face/Off and Broken Arrow, so we had some background knowledge of how this thing worked.) Plus, when we say “actors”, one of them was Nick in a big coat. It all turned out well with no casualties, which was a bonus! Even though the actor may not have heard the “Pretend” in “Pretend to strangle”. Nick’s life flashed before his eyes in a beautifully cinematic Rocky-style montage.

Shot using a variety of Samyang cine-lenses on the Sony FS700, we most definitely utilised the slo-mo capabilities to the max, which resulted in a pretty video that the guys were over the moon with.

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