Vauxhall Promo

Cawdor Cars

Cawdor is one of the most recognisable car dealerships in West Wales, and we were pleased to be asked to work with them on their Autumn 2015 TV ad campaign.

The Client was keen on us getting across both the quality of their cars, servicing department and customer service, as well as promoting three cars that were on offer at the time. It was important that we covered all these points within our 30 second window. Accurate storyboarding and scripting was essential to ensure that everything was represented in enough time.

On the shoot, we used a combination of both handheld shots and footage with the Sony FS700 on the DJI Ronin with our wireless monitoring setup using the Odyssey 7Q+ and RedRock Micro Remote follow focus. This gave us smooth movement throughout the showroom, especially for the smooth gliding shots for the mid shots revealing each car in the offer. We wanted something that was different from the traditional slider shot, so went for a more dynamic pull back and pan, giving it a flavour that differed the ad from its previous incarnations.

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The ad was supplied in both English and Welsh, and was shown throughout the Rugby World Cup group matches period on S4C.