ZipWorld Caverns


Cronfa Elen is a charity based in North Wales which promotes the discussion of organ donation in Wales, and aids affected families.

ZipWorld is an adventure development in North Wales, comprising of a number of outdoor zipwire lines and ZipWorld Caverns – an indoor assault course based within an old mine.

This was to be a joint advert, as ZipWorld is a supporter of Cronfa Elen. The celebrities associated with Cronfa Elen were to use the Zipworld Caverns assault course, showcasing it as a fun, family-friendly experience.

This was a relatively straightforward shoot for us, with a day’s shooting on site, following the celebrities as they tackled the course. The client had already acquired drone footage of the caverns, so it was up to us to match it up and make it work within the narrative of the Caverns adventure. Lots of smiling and laughing, even though the girls were pretty terrified!

The ad played throughout the Rugby World Cup season and helped raise awareness of both Cronfa Elen and the ZipWorld brand.