It’s been three months since our content marketing manager, Jamie, graced us with their shining presence. Well technically it’s been five, but let’s pretend this interview was done straight after they passed their probation…we’ve been busy ok?

Thank you for agreeing to do this interview, Jamie. Could you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

The pleasure is all mine, Jamie.

My name is Jamie Miles, I’m from Bedminster in Bristol and I was born in June of ’93, making me a Gemini

I’m Storm & Shelter’s content marketing manager, which essentially means that I make sure we talk about all the cool stuff we do so that the people who make the cool stuff can continue to make the cool stuff.

How would you sum up your first 98 days?

In one word: good. In a few: really good.

It’s the most fulfilled I’ve ever felt in a role and I genuinely look forward to going to work each day. Even throughout various lockdowns and me being across the bridge for half the week, everyone has made me feel very welcomed.

The work is great. The people are great. What more can you want?

Any particular highlights?

One major one was me realising that I can technically call myself an international worker. Finally putting that International Marketing MSc to good use. 

Other than that, it was helping deliver our new film showreel. The team have been working their butts off on amazing projects over the last year, so being able to create something that showed that off that work was a major success for me.

My magnum opus

What were you most afraid of going in?

Mostly shifting industries. I had only really worked with more traditional marketing agencies before, so I was a little nervous about landing on my feet and nailing the Storm & Shelter tone of voice. But to tell you the truth, I was less afraid and more excited to stop using corporate speak™️ and never have to write a PPC case study again.

What one thing would you say you’ve learned the most?

To trust in my creativity. I’d got myself to a point where I truly believed I was only a good editor and generating ideas was for people with ‘creative’ as part of their title. Since working with such a supportive team, I’ve unpicked some of that thinking and have massively grown in confidence in my abilities.

It’s something that I am very grateful for. Believing in yourself is pretty great. 

Who’s your favourite?



Do you appreciate the irony of having to produce content as if you were interviewing yourself?

Yes. Yes, I do.

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Jardine is our Content Marketing Manager. Essentially, they make sure we talk about all the cool stuff we do so that the people who make the cool stuff can continue to make the cool stuff.

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