Our Alex is a face you’ll often come across when working with us. His experience across digital design, brand identity and motion design means he’s a versatile pocket rocket who can turn his hand to pretty much anything and nail it.

Having scooped up two coveted D&AD awards, he spent years in Central London gaining invaluable experience at two leading studios. Add to that his skills in film and photography, his triumphant return to the Welsh capital was felt like ripples through a pond as a freelance powerhouse. Turns out he’s just as weird as we are, so we got on like a house on fire when we took him under our wing.

Fast-forward a couple of years, and Alex oversees the creative development of our motion design projects—keeping a beady eye on idea generation, concept development and motion techniques across the team to make sure we’re ahead of the game and developing work that surpasses expectations. With ideas ever-flowing, he’s a bastion of creativity and a guardian of the S&S brand. There’s no end to the innovation that can be wrung from his precious grey matter.

I know it sounds a bit cliche (sorry, not sorry), but I honestly do believe design can change the world. I want to help forward-thinking brands challenge convention and create a better future through motion, one frame at a time.

He’s a big believer in giving back to the community and revels in the opportunity to help guide students along the path of design study and push them out of their comfort zones.

Oh, and don’t be fooled, they’re not photoshopped—Alex is an adventure-seeking, surfing, rock-climbing unit, and proudly retains his title as the most swole team member at Storm & Shelter. He’s facing some stiff competition, but not as stiff as them triceps. G’won, give ’em a squeeze…

Alex's credits.

  • Head of Design
  • Animator
  • Director
  • Graphic Designer
  • Designer
  • Editor
  • Executive Producer
  • Camera Operator
  • 1st AC
  • Production Assistant
  • Gimbal Operator
  • Co-Director
  • Grip

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