Kai is one of Storm & Shelter’s creative producers, neatly packaged into a pleasant human being. As a director, writer, editor, animator and VFX artist, he’s the quintessential Swiss army knife of video production. Except he’s German.

With an MA in Film Production, Kai is a filmmaker through and through, having directed numerous short films. His valuable insight into different areas of production such as directing, sound design and visual effects means Kai is an invaluable member of the team.

As if his skills weren’t already at saturation point, Kai also oversees all of our post-production processes, ensuring our workflows are as slick and speedy as a greased weasel down a drainpipe.

Don’t let his demure demeanor deceive you—Kai is a master of all he surveys. Fuelled by a borderline poisonous amount of exceptionally strong coffee and a deep-seated anger for “rules that obviously don’t make any sense”, if there’s a better way of getting stuff done, Kai’s already up to speed and on the case.

When Kai recently went back to his hometown of Cologne to “pick up the rest of his things”, he returned with eight left-handed guitars. Eight of them. Whilst not being one to blow his own trumpet, Kai is a man with many musical talents (see what we did there?) and his knowledge and passion for music always helps him find the right track for each of our projects.

“I often start a project with nothing but the soundtrack, building everything around it.”

He’s currently working on a concept for a political drama mini-series in his spare time. Supposedly, nothing makes Kai happier than a beautiful, sunny day, but he’s already realised that it’s a rarity in Cardiff, so he’s just having more coffee instead.

Kai's credits.

  • Director
  • Editor
  • Motion Graphics
  • VFX
  • Production Assistant
  • Camera Operator
  • DIT
  • Editing

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