As with most editors, Michael’s joy comes from seeing a story come together.

The craft of editing and creating things in general is a big thing for Michael. His focus is creating stuff that matters, and his happy place is when projects bring the best out of everyone involved.

With a number of years in the industry under his belt, Michael provides an analytical, no-nonsense approach to collaboration and workflows—making sure that everyone knows the score, singing from the same hymn sheet and doing so effectively and efficiently.

I guess another thing is that dogs seem to like me. Not sure if that’s really a skill, though…

It’s not just editing video content. Michael’s love for creative storytelling means he’s a big fan of gaming. Anything with a strong, well-told story resonates with him, no matter the medium. At least, that’s his excuse when he’s ever questioned on his somewhat tear-inducing Destiny playtime.

When he’s not glued to a screen for various reasons, you’ll find him out and about exploring new places, hitting the gym, or doing the quintessential millennial pastime of buying plants (that realistically, we all know, eventually die).

His greatest success to date, so he says, is being able to teach his pet rabbit to come to him on command. Truly impressive stuff.

Michael's credits.

  • Editor
  • Edit Assistant
  • Assistant Editor

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