Natalie is our Assistant Producer, assisting the production team with managing all aspects of planning and organising on all our projects.

One of those optimistic people that’s always got a smile on her face, Natalie’s happy place is the world of calendars, spreadsheets, post-it notes and to-do lists; we’ve never experienced such tidy note-taking tendencies, and she almost gives Gruff a run for his money when it comes to a hatred of grammatical mistakes and typos.

After bagging a foundation degree in Creative Industries, she went on to graduate with a 1st class BA in Dance & Culture at the University of Surrey. Before the jump to the production industry, Natalie’s background was in retail as an assistant store manager for both a high-end chocolatier and a diamond specialist (expensive tastes, much?), as well as a stint as an administrative assistant for Akram Khan Dance Company.

If you ever end up with Natalie on your pub quiz team, you better hope you get categories on Lord of the Rings, dinosaurs and 20th-century gender theories, ‘cuz this gal’s an all-round nerd (although you may want to avoid calling her that to her face—or from far away—as she’s a former airforce cadet with marksmanship qualifications). She’s an avid reader that’s currently embroiled in a book-a-month challenge that she set for herself.

Natalie once performed a baton-twirling dance at a school talent show to the Pussycat Dolls and managed to drop the baton every single time. Yikes. There’s probably a line in there somewhere about how she surely won’t be dropping the baton when it comes to our clients’ projects, but we can’t be arsed to figure it out.

Natalie's credits.

  • Producer
  • 2nd AD
  • Production Coordinator
  • Assistant Producer
  • 1st AD
  • Production Director
  • Production Assistant

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