We were approached by BBI Healthcare to create a suite of content surrounding the launch of their Balance Activ product, aimed towards women who are searching for assistance. The topic in question is one that’s filled with questions, confusion and lack of clear information. We were tasked to shoot some talking heads with three women who had been chosen as Balance Active brand advisors to advocate the use of the product in assisting with their situation.

The client was keen to champion these women who were empowered to share their experience. They were hosting a brand development day, and wanted to film this event, along with the women’s stories.

From a production perspective, we needed to find a space that could not only work for filming, but also needed to have the facility for white-space photography (which isn’t too bad) but then also to house a conference area for 14 people along with catering (not so easy). After some searching, we found a wicked little place in London that answered all the requirements. We loved the red brick mixed with infinity curve vibes, opting for a “behind the scenes” kinda feel which would emphasise the “realness” of the interviews.

We also produced a series a videos presented by a medical professional which had some practical advice, as well as some mythbusting, which would be sent out through social media channels, as well as played in Boots stores around the UK to support the product’s launch.


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Nick Patterson
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Josh Bennett
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