Tackling big diseases and health concerns of our time through drug trials and complex interventions, mechanisms of disease and treatments, cohort studies and informing policy and practise… that all sounds very serious doesn’t it?

They are the largest group of academic clinical trials staff in Wales and needless to say they are doing some really amazing stuff. Having worked with the same team previously on one of our favourite animated pieces of work to date, ‘What is Braintrain?’ with what we could only describe as our dream client, we were tasked to produce an explainer video that delves into the details of what the centre for Trials Research do, and how they do it.

Taking the proven approach that worked so well on our last project, we crafted a voiceover from handpicking the best bits from an interview chinwag we had with the very insightful Monica Busse-Morris which, in turn, informed the design and storyboard. We then got in touch with our good friend Sean Cox (this was right up his street) who then mapped out the visuals start to finish and animated the whole thing. By god did he deliver.

Opting for a combination of traditional vs a more contemporary style of animation that resulted in something truly special, with the characters having a very authentic and human feeling whilst the scenery and graphical elements having a much smoother/slicker quality to them. Tasty.


Nick Patterson
Head of Design
Alex Bull
Sean Cox

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