Unfortunately, it’s no secret that we’re in a global climate emergency. By 2080, the sea levels around Wales are predicted to rise by 36cm, and Climate Cymru is on a mission to make sure that doesn’t happen. If we squint, we can see the sea from our office and we would very much like to stay here, so when digital agency Blue Stag asked us to get involved with the cause, we couldn’t have been keener. 

Working alongside Blue Stag, Climate Cymru’s latest PR campaign sought to gather 10,000 concerned voices from the people of Wales and to raise awareness of the petition they needed a film to act as an emotive call to arms to hammer (and chainsaw) their message home.

The main stunt of the campaign however was that once collected, the 10,000 signatures were going to be carved into a giant heart made of ice and slowly melt away in front of the Senedd unless they take action to save it. Pretty powerful stuff.

The approach

The heart of ice is the centrepiece of the how the campaign, so we wanted to tease it with our brand video by filming the construction of a smaller version, in a mysterious and abstract style that would entice people to find out more.

We recruited Gareth from The Ice Academy to chisel away as we transformed his functional (but not very photographic) freezer into a dramatic arctic tundra with the help of some clever lighting courtesy of Lewis Jelley.

Replacing his house lights with our own LED panels, and with the help of some negative fill, we were able to dial in an icy look that featured flashing blues and red combined with speed-ramping techniques and stock footage to reinforce the idea of the impending emergency.

The Climate Cymru heart in front of the Senedd, October 2021

Did the campaign work? Of course, it did. Smashing their 10K target, Climate Cymru delivered (and melted) in front of the Senedd and gained national coverage for the cause. 


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Lewis Jelley
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Lewis Jelley

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