From the horse’s mouth, Crunch Simply Digital are “the leading UK digital strategist agency”, which basically means they’re a gabble of creative guys and gals who make sure that your digital content, whatever it may be, reaches its intended target audience.

They approached us with the idea of creating a quirky and informative brand film, which showed off their creative personalities, as well as flaunting some of their most impressive stats to date.

The team and the company’s office was a key focal point around which the video was to be based, and so we decided that the live action elements of the film would revolve around this. At the time, Crunch employed nearly 20 staff, and so to squash them all in to a 60 second film, as well as leaving time to fit in everything else, required an interesting approach.

Drawing inspiration from cinemagraphs and stop-motion techniques, we assembled all of Crunch’s members of staff into a photography studio, each with a wacky prop relating to their personalities. We created a repeating cinemagraph for each of them and assembled them all into a video mosaic, which allowed us to feature all of them on screen at the same time.

We shot a gimbal-stabilised fly-through of their office which was speed ramped in the edit and blended into some simple but effective motion graphics. The final product combined all of the above elements into a 60-second piece that injected a positive vibe onto the company’s web page. Tidy!


Jess Gardner
Jess Gardner
Motion Graphics
Alex Bull
Lewis Jelley

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