“How the Hell am I meant to play Fortnite when my house is flooded?”

A question maybe not often asked, but one that BT’s ERT unit certainly have the answer to.

The ERT (Emergency Response Team) is a crack squad of engineers who leap into action to save us from nature’s vile clutches, ensuring our communication connections are restored, and we’re able to stream that latest episode of Terrace House on Netflix. (Trust me. Watch it.)

When the going gets tough, these guys get going (in their 4x4s and rib boats) right into the eye of the storm.

We captured a training session with the team as they were put through their paces. We used both a run-and-gun crew on the ground and a drone team to get those lovely sweeping shots as they navigated downriver. By simulating some repairs in difficult conditions and teamwork in stressful situations, we produced a piece that gives viewers an insight into the challenges that arise when faced with the wrath of Mother Earth.


Josh Bennett
Nick Patterson
1st AD
Jess Gardner
Production Assistant
Ben Curd
Drone Pilot
Gruff Vaughan
Josh Bamford
Lewis Jelley

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