The FAST range of plug-ins, debuting on Focusrite’s new online hub for music makers ‘The Collective’, comprises three mixing tools developed in partnership with AI experts, Sonible. FAST Equaliser, FAST Compressor, and FAST Reveal are designed to get your audio sounding exactly how you want (you’ve guessed it) fast. 

Focusrite briefed us to create a whole host of videos for different purposes to promote and educate their audience on what they are and what they do. We’re lucky enough to have some real audiophiles in the studio who live and breathe this sort of stuff, so we were already armed with the knowledge required to map this content from start to finish. After some pretty lengthy screencapping and development of a visual design language that unifies the whole series of videos, we got to work, tagging in experienced animator Tom Holmes to see this one through!

As a byproduct of creating these videos (not to mention a nice little added extra for the Focusrite team), we needed to create a solid ident to sign these videos off under their new hub ‘The Collective’, which has since become an integral part of their brand identity. Bonus!

We wanted to move away from your typical walk-through, screen-recording video and add some production value to make the overall look and feel more premium. So, we decided to plunge ourselves into a little 3D and place the plug-in windows into 3D space for a real sense of depth as we dipped in and out of close-up sections—great for grabbing attention and drawing the eye to specific parts. This really helped to bring the content to life, injecting the videos with energy, pace, and a more dynamic feel throughout. 


Executive Producer
Nick Patterson
Josh Bennett
Amy Walpole
Head of Design
Alex Bull
Eryn Sivak
Alex Bull
Tom Holmes
Production Director
Natalie Roberts

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