Back in May 2017, we were approached by the Welsh Language Commissioner and asked to produce a bilingual TV advert as part of a series of short films regarding the use of the Welsh language in Wales.

This commercial provides a great example of creativity being born of necessity. On a tight turn-around, with multiple locations to shoot, the team were faced with creating a polished-looking TV advert without the luxury of a lighting crew or the time to assemble any standing lights on set.

To get around this, Lewis and Ben worked together to create a lightweight lighting rig consisting of a series of daylight and tungsten bulbs, encapsulated in china balls. The balls were then hung from the end of a boom arm that could be quickly and easily moved around on location, key lighting various subjects without the need for stands and long cables.

The film was graded in DaVinci Resolve, where the benefits of the lighting rig were really noticed. After spending a short amount of time colour correcting, we were able to really concentrate on marrying the various locations into a cohesive style.

TV Ad—English version
TV Ad—Welsh version

Individual films

All kinds of services—English version
Social services—English version
A day out—English version
All kinds of services—Welsh version
Social services—Welsh version
A day out—Welsh version


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