We do wonder sometimes why Aimee from Careercake hasn’t totally ghosted us from the number of shoots she’s had to endure all the spontaneous dancing and relentless banter. Maybe she had gotten sick of being in front of the camera after all, because this time she came to us for some tasty animation.

We’ve worked alongside the awesome lot at Careercake on a buttload of projects, creating countless live-action videos for them whilst their business has evolved over the past few years. But this was a first; an entirely animated video that explains who they are and what they do in a snapshot, so we revelled at the opportunity to flex our design and animation muscles and created a fun and playful kinetic typography piece to sit on social media and their website.

Building on the massive rebrand that the guys over at Bluegg absolutely smashed, we had ample visual assets at our disposal to bring the words to life. The new brand is exciting and full of energy, which made our lives so much easier as we were able to inject dynamic movements and upbeat music to really add to that element of the brand.

We were pretty chuffed with the final result! Always an enjoyable and collaborative process start to finish too, which is why we love working with everyone at Careercake. On to the next challenge!


Nick Patterson
Head of Design
Alex Bull
Graphic Designer
Izzy Young
Eryn Sivak

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