Look, we’ve all been there. You’ve put something down the loo you shouldn’t have, or you’ve poured something down the sink thinking “This is OK, surely?” and the next moment you’re looking in the mirror, saying “Yeah, this was a bad idea”, accompanied by the sound of overflowing water and the gentle feeling of tiny waves lapping against your toes.

That’s when you gotta call someone to get you out of trouble. That someone is Drain Doctor.

We got the call to get them a video made, and for us it was a case of showcasing the people behind the brand name. Often times, tradesmen are the unsung heroes of our world—they’ll do the difficult and labour-intensive jobs that no one else can do and save your bacon in the process. Our approach was to champion these people who operate under the Drain Doctor banner all over the UK, giving viewers an insight into their daily lives and their personalities.

The client wanted to show a number of scenarios which showcased the variety of work that Drain Doctor does—their tagline for this campaign being “So Much More”. We enlisted actors to work alongside actual Drain Doctor franchisees and employees to cover situations at home, at work and on an industrial scale. It was important that even though we showed a breadth of work, we also illustrated the diversity of their workforce. Shot over a few days all around the UK, the whirlwind tour resulted in an edit that’s a nice combination of USPs and classic explainer-style content mixed with authentic soundbites from the crew on the frontline.


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Josh Bennett
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