Sometimes, a project serves a greater purpose than the story alone. Passion projects, unshackled by the limitations of a specific brief, often give us the opportunity to delve into the unexplored, dipping our toes into the pool of possibilities.

Uninhibited by anyone saying “wait, Jelley, that might be a pretty ridiculous idea” our resident cinematographer took it upon himself to find out what would happen when you combine a £2000 mirrorless camera, and a £25,000 anamorphic lens. Because well, why not!

The film itself covered the hard-hitting areas of immigration and cultural acceptance, at a time when Brexit and Euroscepticism was at the forefront of mealtime conversation. Having a long-standing friendship with Nik, our subject, meant that Lewis was able to get intimate access to his home life, providing a real insight into the toils and tribulations facing him on an everyday basis.

Be sure to read the full account of his anamorphic adventures.


Lewis Jelley
Lewis Jelley
1st AC
Ben Curd
Lewis Jelley
Lewis Jelley
Original Score
Laurence Fazakerley Buglass

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