Cardiff. Our home town. Unlike every pop-punk band ever who can’t wait to get out of theirs, we love it.

Celtic English Academy gets students from all around the world pop over the Cardiff for anywhere from a few days to a few months, learning English and experiencing Cardiff and Wales through a bunch of trips and activities.

Although us Welsh do tend to think that Wales is the true centre of the Earth, unfortunately, some people of the world don’t even know the country exists. To help educate people about Cardiff and expand their knowledge of the most amazing places on Earth, we were tasked to create a piece that would deliver a series of facts and figures that make Cardiff an attractive place to live and study.

Using a combination of live action footage and animation, we set out to paint a picture of the vibrant and growing city highlighting things like the importance of green areas, the low cost of living and the cultural significance of sport. We worked with a bunch of assets that were already made for a printed infographic and designed a bunch more, then brought them into After Effects to create this engaging piece.

When you’re talking facts and figures, it’s all about how you make this stuff interesting without it feeling like a barrage of info. We focused on exciting and interesting transitions, as well as intricate animations which brought the print assets to life. It has resulted in an engaging piece which reinforces our Cardiffian pride, and showcases the city as a top-tier destination for language school students.


Veez Nixon
Nick Patterson
Veez Nixon

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