Who Knows Wins are the pioneers of social betting. Bet against friends and distribute the winnings how you wish between them. The more you know, the more you win—simple, right? 

Although the concept is gripping enough, their engaging platform that combines competitiveness, fun and entertainment, still needed some explaining. That’s where we come in! 

We supplied a series of social videos to work across multiple platforms using distinctive imagery and language to encourage customers to identify with the brand and platform. 

Our approach was focused on the WKW tone of voice: straight and to the point, whilst being succinct and intelligent. We applied this tone to both the content and design of the videos which are simple, but powerful and full of energy surrounding the user experience, educating the audience on the app and creating hype around the platform.

We used a simplified version of the app’s UI, supported with on-screen text and the addition of stock footage to reinforce the social, fun and inclusive elements of the app. It really helps when our clients already have great visuals! We wanted this content to earn the audience’s trust in the app, avoiding any language or information that’s too formal, allowing it to be easily digested by the viewer.

This is the first full set of social content designed and created by our in-house Mo-grapher, Eryn, who properly got in the zone to adapt the concept for multiple platforms and time frames. She loved each version produced more than the last!

The 60-second explainer
The 30-second social
The 15-second portrait
The 10-second portrait


Nick Patterson
Eryn Sivak
Eryn Sivak

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