Gruff Vaughan

Gruff Vaughan

Gruff Vaughan is the Managing Director of Storm & Shelter, and has a decade of experience in commercial media production.

Dropping out of 2nd year of a Physics degree at the University Of Manchester in desperate pursuit of some creativity (something that was surprisingly lacking in those Monday morning quantum mechanics lectures), Gruff got his foot in the door at Swansea-based production company, Telesgop, and two days into a two-week work experience placement, he was offered a full-time position.

Gaining hands-on experience in almost every department of an established TV production company (with clients including the BBC, Discovery Channel and Welsh Government) meant Gruff quickly became a very useful person to have around. He worked on numerous TV and web projects, developing programme ideas, getting cosy with tender documents and budgets, designing and developing websites and building educational Flash games (remember those?!). As if that wasn’t enough, every now and again he crowbarred in some time to hop on a train to Cardiff to study a BSc in Music Technology at the University of South Wales.

For his final year of Uni he uprooted to the Welsh capital, where he set himself up as a freelance content producer and web developer. Realising that digital content was rapidly increasing in inherent value and relevance, he fervently developed further skills in camera operation, editing and perhaps most importantly, project management.

After graduating with a 2:1, those skills were put to the test as Creative Director for Cerddwn Ymlaen, a 200-mile charity walk in aid of the Wales Air Ambulance. Having single-handedly built the brand from the ground up (including all design, web and fundraising aspects), Gruff put together a team of talented freelancers and produced daily video coverage of the annual 8-day event (a mammoth effort which raised £400,000 for charity over 3 years) and having survived the ordeal, that crack-team of fearless freelancers subsequently went into business together, where Storm & Shelter was born.

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