Lewis Jelley

Lewis Jelley

Lewis Jelley is the in-house Director of Photography at Storm & Shelter. He earned a 1st class degree in Television (BA Hons) and has 5 years of commercial video production experience.

Rooted in skateboarding videography, Lewis gained his first taste of commercial video production by creating a video for VW campervan transformation company, which became a viral hit and gained 500,000 views overnight.

His passion for creating visual content is unrelenting, earning him work for clients such as ITV and Wimbledon Film Studios. He estimates his production catalogue to be somewhere near 351, but who’s keeping count?

With an unquenchable thirst for technical and practical knowledge of modern cinema equipment, he is a voracious reader of Cinescopophilia and is often caught lecturing unsuspecting members of the public about the advantages of shooting raw. Just a year after graduating he was asked to return to the University of South Wales to guest lecture in editing and modern workflows.

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