Posted6th July, 2017
Closing Date16th July, 2017
TypeFixed Term (5 Months)
LocationCardiff Bay & Bristol
Salary£18k pro rata
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Storm & Shelter is a content production company; a close-knit troupe of video production specialists who work together and collaborate with agencies, labels, brands and broadcasters to consult, create and deliver effective video content that’s politely stuffed into people’s eyes and ears.

We emerged together from the fiery embers of a number of stressful-yet-successful™ collaborative projects in 2013, and since starting the company, we haven’t looked back. Whilst our collective sense of humour may indeed be questionable, we like to think our work speaks for itself.

In the 3 years that we’ve been (professionally) arsing around with cameras, we’ve made friends with big brands like BT, H&M and Yamaha whilst helping them to communicate their messages to the world, had the pleasure of delivering TV and online campaigns for a plethora of businesses and charities, and stretched our creative muscles by crafting beautiful music videos with some crazy-talented signed and unsigned artists.

In 2017, we’re ramping up our production capabilities, signing up new talent and continuing to build this awesome little family we’ve all become a part of.


We’re looking for an experienced camera operator and editor to take the lead on content production for one of our regular clients on a fixed-term contract of 5 months (from August up until Christmas), working with an in-house producer to plan, produce and deliver a set of educational courses.

A minimum of six days a month will be spent shooting scripted content in a studio in Bristol with the client, with the remaining days of the month spent editing the courses together at our offices in Cardiff Bay. Initially, you will shadow the current production team in order to get to grips with the setup before shooting unsupervised for the remainder of the project.

Although this is a fixed-term contract for a specific project, there may be scope for this role to progress into a full-time shooter/editor role working across all of the company’s output.


You have an insatiable curiosity and lust for knowledge about all things video, web and social. We’ll do everything we can to help you improve and hone your skills, but you’ll have a lot of independence, so we expect you to always be learning and be making the most of the opportunities presented to you. Keeping up-to-date with the latest filming methods, software and equipment is a no-brainer for you. You’re a regular reader of websites like No Film School, and you often watch tutorials to learn new stuff in your spare time.

You’re switched on, focused and solutions-driven. Always. Getting. Shit. Done. You’re not afraid of long hours and you welcome pressure from all angles. You handle it with grace, thanks to your uncanny ability to see opportunities and solutions in the face of a challenge.

You’re able to adapt to different roles within a team. Whether it’s operating a camera, loading up a van or making the teas, you won’t sulk when someone asks you to do something you don’t want to do; you put 100% into any role that’s thrown at you.

You’re a great communicator. You’ll need to show diplomacy and sensitivity when working with clients, production staff and crew. People tend to get grumpy on long shoots, but you’ll know exactly how to get the best out of them despite all the frowning and swearing.

You listen. We don’t hold back with constructive criticism here at Storm & Shelter. Everyone pitches in to make the best product we can. You’ll be able to listen to feedback and learn from those around you without taking things personally.

You’re in your element when you’re on set with a client. Your confidence puts them at ease and even makes them consider paying for pastries. Imagine! Free doughnuts, because you’re a top lass/lad! That’s just the kind of people we are and want you to be; a sparkling personality that will mesh well with the existing Storm & Shelter family. We love smart people with a dash (sometimes a dollop) of quirkiness.


  • Plenty of experience as a one-man band. You can confidently produce a high-quality piece of content from concept to delivery, working unsupervised to tight deadlines.
  • Solid working knowledge of camera equipment and audio recording. If we put you on a camera you’ve never used before, you’ll know it inside-out after 10 minutes with it, and you’ll never compromise on sound.
  • You know your way around Adobe Creative Cloud software; specifically Premiere Pro for editing and After Effects for basic animation and motion graphics.
  • A full driver’s license and your own transport. You’ll need to be able to travel with production equipment at short notice.


  • A relevant degree. Speaks for itself.
  • Experience shooting in a studio and lighting white/green backgrounds.
  • Knowledge of colour grading (eg. Adobe SpeedGrade or DaVinci Resolve).
  • Copywriting and graphic design skills.
  • Knowledge of the Welsh language.


We’re offering the equivalent of an £18k basic salary, a brand new Macbook, the equivalent of 28 days paid holiday per year and free pizza thanks to a little deal we’ve got going on with our local pizzeria, Pizza Pronto. We’ll also contribute to a pension scheme.

We’re also pretty flexible here in terms of hours. We officially work 9:30-5:30, but it’s a fairly loose rule. We’re often on shoots that go on well into the early hours, which naturally triggers the need for a lie-in. We’re not monsters. If you need to leave early for your death metal band’s gig in Plymouth or that cheese-tasting session that your grandma booked for you for your birthday, as long as your work gets done on time, we won’t stop you. Due to the nature of what we do, however, you’ll be expected to work some evenings and weekends, as well as short periods away from home.

We’re a big fan of doing things that make us better. You can expect to have time set aside for personal development, access to the latest technology, be sent to courses and conferences and be working alongside a talented, friendly bunch of people.

Your attitude is what's most important here. If you're enthusiastic and motivated, but don't necessarily have all the skills, have no fear. Convince us why we should hire you. Send an email with your CV, relevant examples of projects you’ve worked on, your favourite meme and a funny photo of an animal of your choice to: