Be a warm, bright (and slightly peculiar) human.

We’re a family away from home—playful, daft and cheekily irreverent. We make each other laugh and we inspire each other to be more creative, productive and WUFT. No matter what, we always assume good intent. Everyone has bad days, but we’ve got each other’s backs.

Be a warm, bright (and slightly peculiar) human
Say what you mean, mean what you say

Say what you mean, mean what you say.

We like big, bold, honest conversation. We’re straight to the point, but we’re collaborative, inclusive and supportive. In the tension between kindness and honesty, we tend towards honesty by challenging directly and caring personally.

Figure things out.

We never turn down the chance to learn—we can always be better. We exude calm confidence, yet we yearn to improve. We’re eager bookworms, dedicated do-ers, and we devour the unknown. We look up words we’re not sure of and we read the manual from cover to cover. We suck compared to how great we’ll eventually become.

Figure things out
Understand before being understood

Understand before being understood.

We’re empathetic, diverse and open-minded. We’re not afraid to debate and disagree as it helps us make better decisions. We aim to “get it right”, not “be right”. It's all about listening with the intent to understand, not the intent to reply.

Go a step further.

No detail is too small. We go beyond what our clients knew they wanted and never settle for “good enough”. There’s an infinite number of ways to make a great thing better. We stand out by being helpful, resourceful and effective and we take care of problems—big and small—as soon as we’re aware of ‘em. “That’s not my job” is a shitty attitude. We’re all in this together.

Go a step further
Look after yourself

Look after yourself.

Results matter more to us than the number of hours we work and where we choose to work them. Downtime is important. We use good judgement and we’re given the flexibility to do so. Emotions can overwhelm us sometimes, and that’s totally okay. We take personal days and we don’t get judged for it. Take care of yourself and you’ll take care of the company.

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