Where we get shit done.

Like most functional offices, when you walk in you’ll notice an area that houses several desks, chairs and monitors. This is (hopefully) where the team is rabbiting away getting work done and making our clients squee with joy.

It’s also where we celebrate project deliveries with a good ‘ol ding dong on the delivery bell. DING DONG, MOTHERFLIPPER.

Work Space Work Space Work Space
Post-Production Room Post-Production Room Post-Production Room Post-Production Room Post-Production Room Post-Production Room

Where we get stuff edited.

We’re big fans of powerful laptops, because it means we can work from anywhere. But sometimes you need that extra performance oomph for a hefty render, the complete absence of light so that your colour is on point, or the unbiased aural truth of a set of monitor speakers.

In the darkness of our editing suites lie monstrous PC setups that give your content the attention it deserves.

(The grading room is also the perfect place for a cheeky power nap.)

Where we have meetings.

A big wooden table lives in this room. People sit around it so they can talk about things together.

Next to it is a big whiteboard. Creatives like to visualise stuff and scribble incoherent things on walls, y’see. We’d rather no one writes on the actual walls.

The TV is there because it makes us look legit in front of clients. Does it turn on? We’ll never know.

Meeting Room
Gear Area

Where we keep gear tidy.

We rely on a whole host of equipment to do what we do, and it all gets checked in and out on a daily basis. If we’re not careful, the office can start resembling a house off that TV show about hoarders. We like to have a place for everything and everything in its place.

Also, batteries. A shit ton of batteries.

Where we chill.

Work hard, play hard amirite! Sometimes (whether a client's 'suggestions' have infuriated you or you've just generally given up on life) you just need to sit down forget work's a thing. We've got an Xbox and a Gamecube to keep you going, or maybe pull out the sofabed and drown yourself in a duvet—that's cool too.

We also have a nice lil' kitchen that has a big box that keeps stuff cold (a fridge freezer?) and two boxes that make stuff proper warm (microwaves). Get the teas on, lad.

The Lounge The Kitchen The Kitchen The Kitchen The Lounge

Fancy a chat?

These lovely human beings look after our clients. Look how chirpy they are! Don't you just wanna pick up your phone and give 'em' a call? Or, if interacting with humans in real time saps your energy (know them feels), feel free to lob us an email.

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