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Better Together - Mark Martin MBE

Brand Content, Events Videos, Education, Case Studies

Directed by Josh Bennett

Bett is the biggest education technology exhibition in the world. This micro-doc gives potential goers an insight into the type of thought-leaders they'll meet at the show. 

"Bett brings together educators from across the entire education landscape and 600+ innovative EdTech and resource solution providers showcasing cutting-edge and impactful products and services."

Long-gone are the days of overhead projectors and VHS TV's in rolling cases - educational tech is transforming the way students of all ages learn. As with any new tech, pioneers are needed to innovate and lead the way. The Bett show creates fertile ground for educators, thought leaders and tech companies to combine forces. 

On the run-up to the show, we caught up with tech evangelist Mark Martin MBE to hear about how Bett can have a transformative effect on the lives of educators and students alike. 



Josh Bennett


Louise Bray


Lewis Jelley

1st AC

Liam Rees


Dan Arkell

Sound Recordist

Joel Carr


Izzy Young

Motion Graphics

Eryn Sivak


Wilkinson Sword

Directed by Josh Bennett

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