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That One Moment

Brand Content

A stirring promo all about deep preparation and the thrill of the race at Cheltenham Festival

Some people go nuts over horses running in a circle. They made a whole festival for it. It's practically the only real reason anyone knows Cheltenham even exists, really.

So with Betway sponsoring the Queen Mother Champion Chase since 2015, this year they wanted to launch content that showcases just how much people love this stuff and showcase the professionals that make it such a special moment.

With a brief from Populate Social, we developed a mixed-media approach in close collaboration—playing upon the tactile nature of race cards and betting slips with motion graphics to bring old photos and archive material to life.

With the mane film supported by some additional short portrait pieces, the videos received neighly 8 million views collectively and were engaged with more than 36,250 times.




Directed by Josh Bennett

Building the RM1S


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