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An engaging animation that highlights the findings of a recent study into the reasons why people visit a GP over a dentist.

When you’re faced with dental problems, some people’s first thought is: “I’d better see my GP!”. The issue here is that the majority of GPs don’t have the right expertise or equipment to correctly diagnose and treat dental problems.

Cardiff University School of Dentistry along with NHS Wales led a study into why this question is asked and the effects of such confusion. We were then approached to help distill this info into an engaging piece of content that helped illustrate these reasons, along with the call to action to get people in front of a dentist to get their problems sorted properly and more quickly.

With these kinds of things, pure infographics don’t often hit home enough to change behaviour. Our approach was to maintain a human-focused look and feel, using character animation to increase relatability.

Due to the subject matter revolving people’s experiences with Dentists, it was important that we visually recreated some of these situations, especially the scene regarding being afraid of going to the dentist (because we’ve all been there at some point!). This added to the emotional relatability and added an element of humour which would naturally result in increased viewer engagement.

Disseminating information from a report or study can be so much more interesting than a text-based press release or article, and there are more options than just an infographic-based approach. We love to think outside the box for this kind of stuff, and we’re dead pleased with the result.

Absolutely delighted with this—thank you! You’ve done a brilliant job.

Anwen Cope, BDS PhD MPH MFDS RCPS(Glasg)

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English Version
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Welsh Version


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