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Product Videos

Showcasing the groundbreaking work of Jellagen, working towards sustainable alternatives to the sources of medical products.

Jellagen focuses its research on creating products that offer alternatives to mammalian-based collagen products, which present ethical and sustainability challenges, as well as requiring special treatment and consideration in scientific applications. Their new product—JellaGel—uses collagen sourced from jellyfish to replace this mammalian-based collagen, which can be advantageous in a number of ways.

Our task was to present the product to their customers in a way that is informational, whilst also showcasing the company’s drive and giving a flavour of the people behind the company. Giving it a more personal touch helps illustrate the passion and pride in their research and development, although it was important that we presented the team in a serious, professional manner, considering their target audience and customer base.

We opted for a more considered, controlled approach with regards to cutaways, focusing more on smooth movement with dolly movements. We felt this style would better present the team in a more clinical, scientific manner, rather than shooting with a more handheld vibe, as it illustrates the considered approach and intent that comes with the company’s R&D and ethos.

Both client and agency loved the film, and is being used across their marketing channels, along with social cut-down versions to raise awareness of their work and the benefits of their products.

Thank you so much for the work you've done with us for Jellagen! We're all very happy with the result and I hope we'll work together again.

Emma Moulin, Content Strategist at YouLoveWords


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