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Directed by Mary Zappulla

Memes and madness aplenty as we handle the post-production on Quizlet’s latest campaign.

The brilliant, creative, mad bunch that are Flying Object came to us with another head-turning social PR campaign, this time for the #1 global learning platform, Quizlet. What better way to demonstrate two key AI features than a pop-up quiz show with Tik-Toks’ very own trivia meister Wyatt Eiden!

3 episodes, a compilation edit and multiple social platforms to accommodate for, with a deliverables list that would make your eyes water (in a nice way, of course).

Introducing Brainpower, putting students to the test on their own study material for cash prizes.

Having been shot in California, and with a pressing deadline, we implemented a fully-remote proxy workflow to get the ball rolling.

As the US team were wrapping up, we remotely created offline edits from our studio in Cardiff, and pumped out first drafts ready for when the Flying Object team touched down back in the UK.

Once the edits were signed off, Josh and our MGFX team got to work developing the visual identity of the series (as well as sourcing tonnes of memes). Everything from the Brainpower branding to the sparkling "slay" graphics was created from scratch. We worked collaboratively with the folks at Flob (our affectionate name for Flying Object) to create their vision based on their scripts and storyboards.



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