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Welsh Blood Service

Coronavirus Update


A 4-day turnaround for an animation to prepare the public for possible changes in the process for giving blood in Wales due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Since we're all relegated to working from home during these uncertain times, a new breed of heroes have emerged from the shadows to lay claim on the world of content production. *The animation team* Often referred to as "The B Team" by the live action department (to their absolute hatred), they're now having the last laugh. Their time has come!

Now, we've always loved a challenge here at Storm & Shelter, but this brief we received on a Friday afternoon very nearly gave Alex (our Head of Design) an aneurysm. "Sure, we can get that done by Wednesday...". The weekend is cancelled, boys!

The Welsh Blood Service were looking to prepare the public for the possible changes to their usual process caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, and wanted to reassure people that they are doing their best to maintain the supply of lifesaving donations whilst protecting the donors themselves.

We worked with the client on a script that hit the right balance of "this is going to be tough" and "we'll get through this together" and once that was signed off, our design team got to work to smash together some style frames.

Luckily, given the circumstances, the client was happy to skip the usual to-and-fro of signing off the minutiae of a storyboard (Note: an important process!). A swift "Go for it!" meant we could dive straight into production to make use of the little time we had available.

Into your animation hole, Alex! Don't come out until it's done!

The team checking up on Alex to make sure he's still functioning. Alive? Yes. Sane? Not quite.

An important aspect of any animation like this is the voiceover, so Amy and Natalie got to work on casting the right voiceover artist that had a suitable home recording studio and could simply send us the audio files we needed. Emmy did a great job!

As a public service in Wales, it was also important that we had a Welsh version of the video, so we translated the script in-house (it's always handy having first-language Welsh speakers in the company!) and got that recorded, too.

We're really chuffed with the result, and we're glad to have had the chance to do our bit to help the health service during all this madness. Big shout out to Alex for putting in a huge shift to get this project over the line!

But what did the client think?

This is perfect, Nick. Absolutely perfect. Fully signed off our end with huge high 5s all round. Thank you and to all your team.

Jonathan Ellis, Head of Donor Engagement, Welsh Blood Service

First time! No amends! The dream!


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