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Artist Insight: Chris Buck

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A lil' bio video for the Welsh Yamaha Guitars ambassador, Chris Buck.

If I asked you where Total Guitar Magazine’s “Best Guitarist in the world 2018” was from, you’d probably bank on a safe bet like London, California, or some other major city. I’d imagine it’s quite unlikely that you’d have said “Abercarn, definitely Abercarn", so when Welsh up-and-comer Chris Buck landed the unlikely accolade, we were pretty chuffed to say that we’d just spent a few days filming with the guy for Yamaha.

Chris was a relatively new brand ambassador at the time, and Yamaha were keen to show him off to the world. When Yamaha approached us, they’d already made a few insight videos, and so our challenge was to create something that observed the existing format, while being different and catered towards Chris. Challenge accepted.

Making the most of some of the spontaneous and unpredictable weather conditions that we’re often blessed with in South Wales, we shot up towards Brecon to get some misty exterior shots of Chris emerging from the fog. Some would say this painted quite the metaphor for his personal story, others would argue that it just looked really cool….

From there we headed to his place, where we shot an intimate practice session, doing all we could to work with and reinforce the natural light pouring into his front room. With the more personal stuff in the bag, we followed Chris to Rockfield studios. Largely unchanged since Queen recorded Bohemian Rhapsody there in 1975, the studio probably has enough rockstar DNA floating around to clone and form a mega band. Here, Chris was really able to show off his talent, as well as showcasing Yamaha’s latest guitar in its preferred environment.

Two days of shooting culminated in a 3-minute film that established Chris as the long-haired riff-wizard that he is. We’re not saying that we contributed to him winning best guitarist in the world, but we were certainly pleased when he did.



Directed by Josh Bennett

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