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The Adelaides Live Session

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A live session with The Adelaides at Metropolis Studios in London.

Here's some loosely-related trivia for you. “Drunk on a Plane”, “Chattahoochee” and “Wagon Wheel” are just a few of our favourite country songs. Yep, we have favourite country songs.

When we got wind that Yamaha were planning a session video with the new Transacoustic model, we were already excited. When we heard it was with The Adelaides, we were there with bells on.

The goal for this project was to deliver a live, one-take session where we hear both the power of The Adelaides’ vocal prowess, but also the sonic qualities of the Transacoustic guitar. By the way, if you’ve not heard about this thing yet, it’s insane. Reverb and Chorus built into an acoustic guitar. Honestly, it’s weird but amazing.

With the stage set at Metropolis Studios in London, it was our job to make the place and the band look as good as possible. We set out to design some lighting setups that would complement the studio’s already modern look, rather than style it beyond recognition. Shot as a multicam session on a bunch of ARRI AMIRA (along with one cheeky FS700!), it was important to focus not only on the group but to get some beauty shots of the product in there too.

The track was mixed by Paul Norris at Metropolis, then we edited lightning quick in Premiere Pro and graded/touched up in Resolve. Both the team and the client were happy with the outcome and looking forward to shooting a bunch more!


Wilkinson Sword

Directed by Josh Bennett

Hydro 5


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