Storm & Shelter - Our Values

What kinda people would I be working with?

Founded in 2013, we quickly grew a company around our shared work ethic, love of creativity and inappropriately dark sense of humour.

We’ve since put these values into words, and decided to share them here so you get an idea of how we hold each other accountable day-by-day and what to expect from us as people.

Spoiler alert: We’re nice, hard-working, and a tad odd.

Our Values

Where would I be working?

Our office is a stone's throw away from Mermaid Quay in Cardiff, which is Wales' vibrant and welcoming capital city. We love it here! We're right next to the shops and restaurants and within easy reach of the M4 motorway, so we can rocket off to a shoot at a moment's notice.

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What are the perks?

Flexible Hours

Hours ≠ output. Results matter more to us than which hours we choose to work. We use good judgement.


28 days of holiday each year, and our office doesn't close on bank holidays (other than Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day) so you decide when you want to take 'em all off.

Self-care days

We take personal days and we don't get judged for it. Take care of yourself and you'll take care of the company.

Working from home

Whether you're waiting for a delivery, looking after a neighbour's cat, or you just need to focus, we all work from home (or cafe) from time to time.


We'll provide you with the equipment you need to hit the ground running. Just let us know what you need.

Learning and training

We'll contribute towards books, training courses and conferences that help you learn and grow in your role here.


We stare at screens a lot doing what we do, so we need to look after our eyes. You'll get a free eye test and glasses if you need 'em.


We do fun stuff like go-karting or board game nights and we try to go to the cinema as often as we can. No pressure to attend, though!


When you save for your future (it's what all the cool kids are doing), we throw in a 3% employer contribution on top.

What kind of 'hot tunes' do you dance to in the office?

Damn right we dance in the office. We'll warn you though, we've all got quite an eclectic taste in music. It's okay if you don't like country ballads mixed in with some Gregorian chanting and pop punk—you can just throw some headphones on and pretend like it's not happening.

Sound good to you?

If this sounds like your cup of tea, check out our current opportunities. If we're not currently hiring, fill in a general application and we'll be in touch if something comes up.

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