Production Crew

Production Crew

We love working with people who are passionate about what they do and are experts in their field. When we’ve got a big ol’ production on, or have a fair few of them going on at once, we’ll often reach out to a few capable and reliable pairs of hands to help pull a project together and get it over the finish line.

Runners, ACs, PAs and Cam Ops—we’ve got a Filofax of great contacts, but we’re always keen to meet new people with a drive to succeed and to create great work. Send over your CV and some examples of work, and let us know how you reckon you’ll be able to give us a hand!

Post Production

Our eyes are always peeled for great post-production talent such as editors, colourists, VFX and motion graphics specialists. We love how a fresh perspective in post can completely transform a project, and we’re deeply attracted to people who think creatively and bring something new to the table. Whether working remotely or working in our office along with the team, we’re flexible with working arrangements so long as the project allows it!

Ping over your CV and showreel, and let us know whether or not you’d be able to pop in to work with the team in Cardiff!

Post Production


Writers, storyboard artists, illustrators, designers, and even if you fancy yourself as an “ideas person”, we want to get to know you! Whether you’ve had a bunch of industry experience or not, it’s worth giving us a nudge to let us know you’re about. We’ve often got clients asking for some bizarre stuff or some really specialist styles, and having a good contact list of creative people is key for us. Hopefully, you can be “that gal/fella we know” that’d be perfect for a particular job.

Send over some examples of your work and let’s have a chat!

Fancy a chat?

These lovely human beings look after our clients. Look how chirpy they are! Don't you just wanna pick up your phone and give 'em' a call? Or, if interacting with humans in real time saps your energy (know them feels), feel free to lob us an email.

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