Sometimes, getting complicated information or a bunch of facts and figures across to an audience can be a challenge for conventional films. That’s where animation comes into its own.

Not bound to standard physics (or even reality itself!), it has the ability to capture an audience’s attention as well as their imagination in interesting and creative ways.

Our crack squad of animators and VFX artists are battle-hardened and love the chance to take on a brief, develop a concept and deliver an animated film that’ll just knock those darned socks of yours clean off.

Examples of our Animation

What our clients think.

An absolutely fantastic bunch of guys to work with - tons of creative energy, highly professional and always prepared to go the extra mile. We couldn’t be happier with the result!
Storm & Shelter are very easy to deal with, we instantly felt at ease with their professionalism and they totally understood our requirements, they just got our product and message immediately and that was huge for us. The talented team there turn the job around at a fast pace but also with high quality. We briefed the team to create a promotional explainer video and some social versions and they totally nailed it at the first attempt. We will most definitely be working with S&S for the short & long term future as we develop our brand.
We have worked with Storm and Shelter for 4 years and our working relationship has gone from strength to strength. The team are professional, innovative and above all, experts at what they do best. They are intuitive, adapting our brief to their skills and ideas, to produce materials that convey on-point messages to our diverse international market, and we've appreciated their investment in time and commitment to get to know our brand. Thank you Storm and Shelter! We look forward to many more years working together.
Storm and Shelter have delivered various projects for us, and the outcomes have always exceeded our expectations! The majority have been internal communication productions, including employee induction, an animation of the launch of a new services, values and behaviour videos and more. All have captured our culture and clearly delivered the key messages.

Sally-Ann Roberts

Internal Communications & Employee Engagement Business Partner, GoCompare

It's a big thumbs up! Can you pass on our thanks to everyone involved with the project? It’s turned into a brilliant piece of work and I imagine the feedback will be fantastic from our wider team and audience.

Stuff to consider when making Animation

Every video production project is different, but there are a few important things to consider depending on the type of content you're need, who the audience is, and how it's delivered.

Whether you’ve delivered us a fleshed-out brief, or just an idea of where things could go, our creative team will be mega excited to start throwing around ideas, examples and visual approaches. The beauty of animation is that we’re not limited by location, time or the concept of existence itself—whole alternative realities can be conjured up at the drop of a hat and no one bats an eyelid. Even if that alternative reality is where cats have taken over the world and they’re the ones using your ultra-sophisticated team management software. It will could happen! (Full disclosure: we’ve already pitched it).

One of the great things about animation is that there are so many styles and approaches we can use to match the tone and personality of your brand. Our creatives are forever traversing the rough seas of the web, searching in earnest for the latest trends in visual storytelling. We ensure that your animation looks and feels as fresh and exciting as possible, rather than a “seen it before a million times” sorta deal.

We’re open to a variety of styles such as icon-based, typographical, 2D, 2.5D, 3D and hand-drawn animation—each one with their own unique characteristics. We’ll put forward a few examples of which direction we think will hit the mark so that you can decide what you feel is most in-line with your brand. Remember, the surreal nature of animation gives you that rare chance to let your hair down and go a bit wild!

Visual Style

It ain’t just about the pretty visuals. Getting that script nailed is a massive part of an effective animation that gets people talking—or even better—buying. Those key messages, that selling point, and the way that special offer is communicated is mega important when it comes to painting your brand in the best light and making that thing you’re advertising something viewers just can’t miss out on. Whether it be voiceover-led or just text on screen, it’s important that it’s impactful and speaks to your target audience in just the right way. Researching audiences and competitors and working with experienced writers is our worst-kept secret to success.

Script Writing

These bad boys are essential—not just for us, but for you, too. Unless you’re reading this from the future (so how did climate change pan out for us?), reading people’s minds is a difficult task, especially the mind of a creative type...

Storyboards translate the animator’s vision from their colourful brains onto paper. These can range from a few crude sketches through to fully-painted boards, depending on the production. We’ll get your eyes on these so that you can see what’s been rattling around in the animator’s head and make sure it all lines up with what you want to see. We’ll work with you to make sure that you’re happy with our plans and that you get a solid understanding of what it’ll be like.


There’s no point spending a bunch of money on getting an animation made if the the voiceover is lacklustre and doesn’t sell your brand and product the way it deserves. We’re here to sort that out. Whether that be finding someone with a completely inoffensive, soft English accent, or a ballsy, gun-totin’, whoopin’ and a hollerin’ Southern gal, we make sure they’ll hit the mark. With sackfuls of experience dealing with talent agencies and free agents alike, we know how to scour the Earth for the perfect talent for any production.

Voiceover Casting

You see some words pop up and you read them, right?

Some animations will have some text on screen, some will even be 100% animated text, but others may be more character-based or simulating a complex chemical reaction, accompanied by a voiceover. In this case, as we all know, some people might be watching this on social media on their phones with the video on mute. Sure, it looks pretty, but are they gonna know what’s going on? Most likely not. This is why we suggest subtitling all your social media content to catch that muted audience who are relentlessly flicking through their timelines.

We’ll transcribe, translate (if necessary) and subtitle your ads, supplying you with .SRT subtitle files for the social platforms that support them (giving viewers the choice to watch with subs or without) and for those that don’t, we’ll supply versions of your ad with the subs ‘burnt’ into the video so that they’re always visible. Don’t make the mistake of thinking those pretty pictures are enough to draw these buggers in. Make sure your script is seen as well as heard!


If your animation is being delivered for broadcast on TV, one of the biggest hurdles is clearance. There are a tonne of rules for what you can and can’t show on telly. If your ad doesn’t get cleared by the powers that be (they’re called Clearcast and they take this stuff pretty seriously), it ain’t gettin’ on the box, no matter how hard you sulk. If you want your ad on TV, it’s crucial that we consider clearance right from the get-go.

We work closely with Clearcast right from the initial stages of the project to make sure that the creative is suitable for broadcast, as well as nit-picking through annoying bits like legal supers (the small print) and substantiation of any claims you’re making. Can you prove that your cakes cure baldness? No? That’s what we thought. We’re not putting it in and that’s that, y’hear?

Once your ad is done (good Lord, look how awesome it is!) and everyone’s happy (hooray!) we’ll work with our friends over at Honeycomb to take care of delivery to broadcasters across all platforms, taking care of fun things like legalising, clocking and 5.1 audio mixes.


Animation FAQ

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How we like to get things done.

Getting great content made should be as straightforward and painless as possible for our clients. So we double down on our processes, thrive on transparency, and communicate like the warm, bright (and slightly peculiar) humans that we are. We’re aware that our clients are busy people—our job is to make your life easier, not to add to your workload.

Sure, making money is important to us; it means we get to keep doing what gets us out of bed in the morning. But we’re always clear about where your budget goes. No sneaking around, no hidden costs. We don’t believe in tricky small print—we like big, bold, honest conversation.

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