Branded Films.

Branded content is commissioned by a brand for the purpose of reaching a specific audience, with writing driven by emotion, storytelling, and creativity.

These films are generally a little different to traditional advertising, as they’re not as direct as traditional means. You’ll often see pieces featured on websites, email campaigns or social media that are either short films or social commentary pieces hosted by or “presented” by a brand. This is branded content in its simplest form: content that could be talking about anything, presented in any way, that connects with a brand’s ethos.

You could have a film about the determination and perseverance of a horse trainer, with absolutely no brands mentioned, but it’s hosted on a beer manufacturer’s YouTube channel with their logo popped on the end. It’s about how the themes and feelings these videos explore with the aim for the viewer to connect these with the brand. We’re not talking product features here, it’s about building a brand perception.

Examples of our Branded Films

What our clients think.

Working with Storm & Shelter to tell the story of the Phillips Instrument was a great experience. We came out of it with a beautiful film that we’re super happy with. The team were quick to turn things around when we needed them and were always on hand to help. Looking forward to continued collaboration!

Stuff to consider when making Branded Films

Every video production project is different, but there are a few important things to consider depending on the type of content you're need, who the audience is, and how it's delivered.

Coming up with ideas for a brand campaign is the most fun we can have with our day. Call us sad, but seriously, we get off on this stuff. This kind of content exists to get people excited about ‘your thing’. That means manipulating tickling their emotions in just the right way, which requires a deep understanding of your market and your customers. The concept has to be on point, balancing creativity with a solid strategy. Two things we happen to be pretty good at. We got this. Trust.
It ain’t just pretty pictures that sells your big idea, getting that script nailed is a big part of an effective ad that gets people talking—or even better—buying. Communicating those brand values is mega important when it comes to painting your brand in the best light. Whether it be voiceover-led or just text on screen, it’s important that it’s impactful and speaks to your target audience in just the right way. Researching audiences and competitors and working with experienced writers is our worst-kept secret to success.
These bad boys are helpful not only for us but for you too. Storyboards are the director’s vision transferred from their colourful brains onto paper. These can range from a few crude sketches through to fully-painted boards, depending on the production. The production team will use these storyboards to plan the shots from a logistical and practical standpoint, but we’ll also get your eyes on these so that you can see what’s been rattling around in the director’s head and make sure it all lines up with what you want to see. We’ll work with you to make sure that you’re happy with the plans and get the best idea of what your vid’s gonna look like.
There’s no point spending a bunch of money on getting an ad made if the talent is lacklustre and doesn’t sell your brand the way it deserves. With this type of content, the story is the most important aspect, and it’s often these real stories told by real people that are the most impactful. A lot of the time, clients will often have someone in mind, other times, it’s up to us to research the perfect story to fit the brand. We’ll find the unique and thought-provoking stories that’ll resonate with your target audience.
Talent and casting
About to throw your video across social media? Hold your horses, sunshine. Where are your subtitles? Whilst most people tend to watch TV with the sound on, when it comes to social feeds, very few will listen with audio as they’re scrolling. This means it’s super important to get your ad transcribed and subtitled so that viewers can be dragged into your narrative message without making the almighty effort to hit that unmute button. We’ll transcribe, translate (if necessary) and subtitle your ads, supplying you with .SRT subtitle files for the social platforms that support them (giving viewers the choice to watch with subs or without) and for those that don’t, we’ll supply versions of your ad with the subs ‘burnt’ into the video so that they’re always visible. Don’t make the mistake of thinking those pretty pictures are enough to draw these buggers in.
This content more often than not is unscripted, remember. The problem with working with non-actors is that it’s likely that there’s not going to be a tightly-written script, and this opens it up to every producer’s nightmare: unpredictability! What we do is work closely with those people who’ll be appearing in the piece in pre-production. We’ll ideally be able to speak to them or meet with them beforehand to hear about their story/experience, which in turn helps us to write a guide script. That script helps both you and us make sure we’re telling the right story and to make sure we ask the right questions/film the right scenarios to hit your key messages and tell your brand’s story.
Working with contributors

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Getting great content made should be as straightforward and painless as possible for our clients. So we double down on our processes, thrive on transparency, and communicate like the warm, bright (and slightly peculiar) humans that we are. We’re aware that our clients are busy people—our job is to make your life easier, not to add to your workload.

Sure, making money is important to us; it means we get to keep doing what gets us out of bed in the morning. But we’re always clear about where your budget goes. No sneaking around, no hidden costs. We don’t believe in tricky small print—we like big, bold, honest conversation.

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