Forget about those horrible VHS films you were made to watch at school. When you need to educate an audience, film can be the most powerful tool in your arsenal.

Nowadays, we don’t need to rely on going to seminars, having speakers come to the office, or (God forbid) having to read something to learn about stuff. Thanks to the wonderful world of the web, we can learn just about anything on YouTube. Combined with more structured learning platforms such as LinkedIn Learning, we’re able to soak up information and enhance our skillset through watching informative and entertaining video content.

Notice there the mention of entertaining.

With so much content floating around, you need to both stand out enough to look like a solid, professional source of correct information, as well as maintain interest and hold attention throughout. We’ve got a track record of making engaging content for socials and brand campaigns, so we naturally use this flair for entertainment to push our educational content out of the safe (and boring) into the exciting and interesting.

With a combination of things like e-learning courses, informative case studies, and yes, even training videos, we’re a dab hand at producing content that’ll keep viewers watching and soaking up info throughout. We’ve had investors line up to get involved with companies who’ve had e-learning content made by us, and even had compliments from LinkedIn on our content’s production value, so there. 💁

Examples of our Educational

What our clients think.

As an online learning business, video is at the core of what we do. It’s essential our content is of the highest quality and produced on time, every time. We work with Storm & Shelter as a retained client. They produce all our content and we wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. Not only is their work exceptional, but their attitudes match. To find suppliers who care about your business in the same way you care about your business is exceptionally rare, but that is what we have found with these guys. Seriously, we are so glad we found them.
It's a big thumbs up! Can you pass on our thanks to everyone involved with the project? It’s turned into a brilliant piece of work and I imagine the feedback will be fantastic from our wider team and audience.
With Storm & Shelter’s help, they really brought our film on Japanese haiku poetry to life. Friendly, professional and collaborative—it was a real pleasure to work with them. The final edit is a work of art!

Stuff to consider when making Educational

Every video production project is different, but there are a few important things to consider depending on the type of content you're need, who the audience is, and how it's delivered.

We work with you—the experts—to develop the content to make sure it’s worded in a way that not only resonates with your target audience, but visually matches this too. This sort of content can sometimes be filmed, but it can equally be open to an animated approach. Sometimes, depending on the complexity of the content, animation could be a better way of illustrating your points. (No pun intended!) We’ll work with you to select the correct approach for both the purpose and the audience to ensure it’s as impactful as possible.
Oftentimes, you’ll know what you want to say, and you may have a certain way of showing it in an in-person context, but not sure how that translates into video. That’s where we come in! Through our use of motion graphics and animation, we can help transform complex ideas or concepts into simple, clear on-screen animations that make sure your viewer “gets it”. From a hierarchy of needs through to how to effectively deliver feedback whilst navigating a complicated org chart, we got you. We’ll also make sure that we pick the right location and set design if we’re filming the content, or decide with you on a look and feel that fits if we’re looking to produce and animation.
Creative interpretation
We understand the requirements for this sort of content to appeal to and be inclusive of many types of people. We can produce subtitles for your videos, making sure that the font size matches any special requirements, and ensure that we allow enough time for the lessons to be absorbed, depending on the type of intended audience for the content.
We’re responsible for ensuring that appropriate child-protection measures are taken with regards to all aspects of a project that relate to working with children and young adults. If required, we will ensure all production staff who need to attend meetings or location filming in schools, colleges or universities have their DBS credentials checked and up-to-date. Evidence that these checks have been performed will be presented to the client once they have been completed.
Working with children

Educational FAQ

How long should my educational video be?

How do we present all this information we need to get across?

How much does educational video content cost?

How we like to get things done.

Getting great content made should be as straightforward and painless as possible for our clients. So we double down on our processes, thrive on transparency, and communicate like the warm, bright (and slightly peculiar) humans that we are. We’re aware that our clients are busy people—our job is to make your life easier, not to add to your workload.

Sure, making money is important to us; it means we get to keep doing what gets us out of bed in the morning. But we’re always clear about where your budget goes. No sneaking around, no hidden costs. We don’t believe in tricky small print—we like big, bold, honest conversation.

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